Members & Partners

Lavola Service company that works for the sustainable development of organizations, territories and people since 1981. Lavola is a pioneer company that addresses sustainability in its multiple dimensions through integral, specialized, digital and communicative solutions, designed to meet the needs of customers and improve their positioning in this field.
Xarxa Non-profit cooperative formed by various social entities of the Catalan territory and specialized in the coordination of social entities for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the public services. Xarxa is an entity capable of specializing in the provision of public services and transmitting this knowledge as a diversification tool to other social entities.
TEB We are a cooperative group made up of 8 cooperatives (TEB Barcelona, TEB Vallès, TEB Habitatge, TEB Verd, TEB Solucions, TEB Bellvitge, TEB Gestió, and a “second-level” cooperative, Taller Escola Barcelona). We work according to cooperative principles and values to achieve an inclusive life for people with intellectual disabilities.
Rovira-Beleta Accessibility consultors with more than 30 years of expertise. It has a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals, some of them with disabilities, who offer and propose designs, services and products that improve comfort and safety for everyone, and especially for people with mobility and/or communication reduced temporary or permanently.
Citisend Technological engineering that designs and develops hardware solutions for applications for smart cities. The proposal includes the application of sensor devices in different city aspects (urban services, mobility, etc.) that allow capturing the data in an agile and safe way transforming it into valuable information for the improvement of the urban environment.